Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Entity One Color Couture - Amethyst Studs

Something that often plagues light purple polishes is their affinity for fading to an odd shade over the course of the two weeks or more of wear promised by SOG brands.  This color ranges from a lighter purple, to a greyish purple, to grey to even a greenish shade.  Some pinks are also affected by this fading phenomenon (like Gelish Go Girl and the LE Japanese Cherry Blossom color), but it seems to be most prevalent in purples.  And it happens across many different brands.

Gelish Princess Tiara fades, as does Gelish Aurora FX Ali Baba's Sim Sala Bim, Artistic Colour Gloss Muse and Red Carpet Manicure Violetta Darling (though perhaps not as badly as the others).

So this leaves many of us wondering........ are there ANY light purples that don't fade to what is sometimes a horrible shade, or is it a lost cause?

Well I recently got Entity One's Amethyst Studs.  It is one of the newer colors in their lineup, and they have some great colors.  I really like the formula too.  It wears well on me and removes quite easily.  I do however use it with my Gelish Base and Top it off (TIO) like I do with all my SOG's, as I am not going to buy the base and top coat for every brand I use - I just have too many brands.

I redid my manicure with Amethyst Studs on Christmas day, testing out my new lamp I just got as a gift (which I love!).  I didn't wear the color for a full two weeks, as I rarely do.  I think however most people notice fading in the colors that have a tendency to change before the full two weeks is up anyway.  I was way to anxious to try out a new color idea I had in my head to wait several more days.  :-)

At any rate, I think we may have finally found a purple that doesn't fade terribly.  I do think it faded slightly, but not any drastic fading or color change.  These two pics, while they are just from my cell phone camera, were taken in exactly the same spot in my kitchen under the exact same lighting conditions.

On the left is the original manicure.  On the right is the manicure after 9 full days of wear and abuse (remember as a nurse I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer..... a lot.... :).   The most noticeable spot where there was any color change was on the upper portion of that particular index finger, as I had applied the color a bit more thinly there than usual I guess.

A small color change, but no appreciable difference.  Nothing anyone else would notice.  Nothing I would probably notice had I not specifically been looking for it and comparing, or if I had had to repair a single nail perhaps.  This color is a shimmer, not a creme like most of the ones I listed above (except for the Gelish Aurora, in which the base color turned a very odd green-grey after my mom wore 2 coats of it for 2 full weeks).  

This is a very pretty color, in a great formula and it didn't turn any horrible or weird color.  I would definitely recommend this one if you like light purples.  

Happy Gelling!  :)

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