Sunday, February 5, 2012

EZ Flow TruGel Review

I only have one TruGel color (Greystone) and I have to say I LOVE it!

For one, I love the color!  It's an awesome color and not like anything else in my large collection.  It's so nice to find a unique color!  As soon as I can upload some pictures (hopefully I'll be able to get my Google issues straightened out soon and be able to upload pics again - fingers crossed) I will come back and edit this post!

Application was easy.  I did use my Gelish base and topcoat, as I refuse to buy each different brands base/top.  I applied two coats of the Greystone.  They applied smoothly, gave me great coverage, and I experienced no shrinkback or streaking at all.

I wore this for 11 days, which is pretty average for me.  I had no reason to take it off really other than I wanted to do something new (I was super excited about a custom color I whipped up recently and just had to try it).  I could've definitely gotten at least two weeks out of this, if not more.

After about a week I had added some spectraflair on top, which was mixed into a little Gelish Simple Sheer, with a fresh layer of Top It Off (TIO).  So I had on base coat, two layers of Greystone, TIO, a layer of simple sheer with the Spectraflair, and new TIO.  Oh, and I didn't buff the original topcoat before I did the spectraflair.

Today I removed the mani (as I said, because I was dying to try out my other creation), and it removed LIKE A DREAM!  Even with two layers of topcoat.  After a mere 8 minutes most of it slid right off, with the exception of a few stubborn tip spots where I use bonder that I had to soak an extra minute or two.  Had I waited the full 10 mins I wouldn't have had to do that I'm certain.

I would definitely recommend the TruGel to anyone.  I loved it and can see adding more colors from their line-up.

While my google issue is not fixed, I have (as always) found another way.  :)   Sure hope Google gets my stuff fixed soon though - this process would likely be faster if you could CONTACT Google in any way, but apparently you can't.  ;-/

Greystone in the sun

Greystone with Spectraflair topcoat


  1. Thanks for the review! I had found these relatively cheap and was on the fence about buying them. Your dupe spreadsheet also helped me to choose the colours so you were a great help! Thanks so much!

  2. How many watts is your UV lamp ?? thanks

  3. Thanks so much for the information! Very helpful. I'm buying TruGel's Greystone tonight:)

  4. I have to ask, the trugel jellybean and the just gel con-fuschion are for sure the same colour? I can't see pictures anywhere to compare and ADORE the just gel con-fuschion!