Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fantasy Fire Givaway Winners Revealed!

Sorry I didn't get to post this last night guys, I was just too tired!

I used to randomly choose the numbers assigned to the comments in the order they were posted.  The reason the results say 1-30 even though there were 32 comments on the post was because the last post was made after the deadline, and there was one comment that was from the same user, as a reply to her own earlier comment - blogger counts it as a separate comment, I don't since it was the same person.

Research Randomizer Results:
2 Sets of 1 Unique Numbers Per Set
Range: From 1 to 30 -- Unsorted
Set 1 Set 2
14 22


This means the lucky winners of this Givaway are
1. LC
2. Lilhop

Remember, you have 3 days to contact me, so say by Saturday night, with your name and mailing address.  Again, if you have a problem with the other person who donated a bottle to this Giveaway sending you the polish directly, let me know.  I'll do my best to accommodate that.  Unless both winners have a problem with it, it should be a non-issue.  

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