Wednesday, August 8, 2012

OMG! Kindergarten already?!

So, today was my daughter's first day of kindergarten.  I cannot believe she is almost FIVE already!  Where has the time gone?  Really, it seems like just yesterday that I was telling my mother in law I had a long time to worry about where she was going to go to school.  DD was only 3 months old when she asked me what kindergarten we were going to send here to!  

But, the day has come.  She had a good first day.  She's been in a structured preschool since she turned 3, and we did VPK last year and summer camp over the summer, so she's no stranger to the idea of "school", which is what we've always called it.  And we've been talking about her starting "big girl school" since we got our school assignment in May.  She was well-prepared.  As was I.  I thought.  

About a week ago I started getting a bit upset about this whole school idea.  I can't even tell you exactly what I was upset about.  Was it that she is growing up too fast?  Was it the change in our routine (I hate change?).  Was it because she was going to a school where she didn't know anyone (she went to a preschool out of our school zone, so all her friends were going elsewhere)?  

Perhaps it was all of these things.  Or perhaps it was just coupled with the overwhelming amount of change lately (our whole charting system just changed at work a week ago as well).  Granted I was prepared for these changes well ahead of time, the actual change was harder to deal with.  Again, I hate change.  I adjust, and often end up liking it in the end, but during that initial adjustment I have some major angst.  

At any rate - the first day of school.  We picked out her outfit last night and got her to bed on time for a change.  Most of the summer has consisted of staying up late, LOL.  With alarms set this morning we managed to get up on time, get her fed and dressed and actually left the house at the time we wanted to.  

DH just stopped with us for a few minutes to hug her and say goodbye.  He went along this morning to get a feel for how long it would take him to get from there to work.  I made sure I had the day off!  LOL.  

I had to visit the office to deal with her after-school care registration, so we did that and then sat around in front of the school waiting for the early bell to ring so I could walk her to class.  We won't be able to walk them to class forever, so I may as well enjoy it while I can, LOL.  

She was all fine and dandy up until the point where we got to her classroom and she put her stuff in her cubby and her teacher told her that she had some crayons at her seat and she could start coloring her picture.  LOL.  Then she started looking a bit apprehensive.  She gave me a huge, sad hug and sat down to color.  I encouraged her to talk to the other kids at school and not be shy, and reminded her that she'd be fine and she'd make friends quickly.  She's only ever shy for a short time, then she becomes very outgoing and makes friends quickly.  I knew she'd be fine.  I snapped a few pictures, said goodbye and left without turning around again just in case she was watching me.  LOL.  

I texted a friend who's sons also started kindergarten and VPK today.  She was lost and had no idea what to do with no children.  I'm sure she found something to keep her busy, LOL.  I felt OK.  I didn't cry, so that was good.  :)  I admit to feeling a bit anxious though about how her first day would go.  

I picked her up right as school let out because she also had her first day of dance for this year today!  Yep, busy busy busy!  Her teacher said she had a great day!  Of course she did!  :)  She said it was a good day too.  She said she made new friends in her class already, and she had fun.  After dance we did her practice work and planned what to do for her homework this week.  She had dinner, a bath, story time and I actually managed to get her in bed 30 minutes early!  :)  

But man am I beat!  I feel like I was at school all day!  And all I did was clean my office while she was gone at school!  LOL.  I'm sure we'll settle into a routine pretty quickly.  All in all, I think we had a great first day of Kindergarten!  :)


  1. I get to share this same apprehension in a couple weeks :( so not excited but very happy she had a great first day! Hope mine does too :)

  2. Hello! I'm going to go off-topic here, but I swear, every time I visit your page I notice something that I didn't last time, and I learn something new. That idea to make a watermark "brush" in your last post was a great idea... why didn't I think of that earlier?

    Anyway, I wanted to nominate you for a Liebster Award, if you'd like to take up the offer. :) It's a small "award" dedicated to getting smaller blogs noticed. I know you post a lot of varied content, but I always find your nail posts really helpful! I posted about it here, if you want to check it out.

    Thank you for being so helpful!

  3. Aw that's very nice of you Gelli Fied!! I would gladly accept a nomination. I'm glad you find the blog helpful! I know I don't post as regularly as many do, but I do try to post when I can.