Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nars Orgasm Blush and Black Funky French

Hello Everyone!  So my current manicure is a funky french with a custom color that I mixed up using Nars Orgasm blush.  I use black for the tips.  It's a very fun mani!  

  1. Do the basic prep on your nails first - have them clean and shaped, cuticle work done, etc.  
  2. Next is to mix up the custom color that I used for the nail bed.  For the video below I'm only doing one nail that I broke and needed repairing, so I'm using a very small amount of product.
    • Place a small amount of Structure on a piece of tin foil.  For this I used 2 little blobs of stucture, and one would've been more than enough really.  For a full manicure I use 3-4 blobs.  If I were using a bottle polish color, I use 8-10 drops for a full 2-coat manicure.  That of course will vary depending on the length of your nails.  
    • Using the end of your mixing stick, scrape a small amount of the Nars blush onto the top of your little blob of gel.  Mix it all together.  You can always add more if you want it to be darker or more pigmented
  3. Now that your color is mixed up, start working on your nails
    • Apply Dehydrator and let it try a few seconds
    • Apply bonder if you use it and let it dry
    • Apply base foundation gel, cap free edge, and cure 1 minute in a UV lamp
  4. Now it's time to apply your custom color
    • Using a gel brush, scoop a very small amount of the color you made off the tin foil and apply it thinly, just like you would Structure alone or a pot-style gel.  The viscosity of the Structure is a bit thicker than regular Gelish, so it can take some practice.  
    • Apply a thin coat, cap your free edge and cure 2 minutes.
    • Apply second coat, cap free edge and cure 2 minutes. 
  5. Next is to apply the black tips.
    • I used EZ Flow Gelez Pitch Black, because it's what I have.  Other blacks are Gelish Black Shadow, Shellac Black Pool, ACG Swag, RCM Black Stretch Limo, etc
    • Wipe most of the polish off the bottle brush and apply a VERY thin layer of the black to the tip of your nail.  Don't worry if it's not a perfect smile line!  You'll clean it up next.  Make sure to cap your free edge.
    • Dip a small brush into a bit some alcohol, and wipe the excess off the brush - you only want it damp, not dripping.  
    • From the center to the edges, clean up and smooth out the smile line
    • Cure for 2 minutes in a UV Lamp
    • Repeat for a second coat - the second coat often doesn't need much if any cleanup, because you have a guide you are already following from the fist coat
  6. Apply Topcoat
    • Apply a thin layer of Top it Off over the whole nail, cap free edge, cure 2 minutes
  7. Finish
    • Wipe with alcohol to remove the tacky layer
    • Apply cuticle oil

Here is the video.  You can see it also on YouTube

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