Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gel Manicure with Swirled tips

This is my current manicure:

I did a swirl/flame type design using different colors on the tips.  I used Gelish Ambiance for the base, and on the tips I used Orly Gel FX Rage and Artistic Colour Gloss Eccentric.  Of course you can use any colors you like, and you could swirl the design all over the nail instead of just on the tips (just skip the sheer base color and use your swirl colors only).  

This is really no more complicated than a plain gel mani, all you need is a dotting tool, toothpick or something similar to swirl the colors together.  

  1. Prep nails as usual, do cuticle work, etc.
  2. Apply Gel base coat, cap free edge and cure.
  3. Apply 2 coats Gelish Ambiance for base color - don't cure second coat yet
  4. Add ACG Eccentric on the tip - paint on like you would if you were going to do a french manicure
  5. Carefully dot on a few dots of Orly Rage
  6. Use Dotting tool to swirl the design, bring up "flames" if you want, etc.  Make it yours!  :-).  Cure
  7. Add Gel topcoat, cap free edge and cure 
  8. Wipe with alcohol to remove tacky layer
  9. Voila!  
Check out the Tutorial on YouTube!

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