Thursday, November 11, 2010

JetPens Order

My very first order from JetPens came today.  They ship REALLY fast, as I think it was Tuesday when I got the email that it had been shipped!  Hooray for Jetpens!

I'm telling you, there is really not much better for me than a Uniball Jetstream Multi-pen.  They took my 2 favorite things and bred them together, basically!  Jetstream pens have been my favorite for several years, and to find out they were available in a Multi-pen (I have an obsession with Multi-pens) was very exciting.  I have to be able to write in several colors as well as pencil for work, so it is nice to have them all combined into one beautiful, smooth-writing pen!  I got a couple other pens as well, and will try to do reviews of them all soon!  I have SOOOOO many pens in my pen collection that it will take me FOREVER to review them all!

Also in my order from Jetpens today was a Zebra Surari Emulsion Ink pen and a Pentel Vicuna.  Although I feel it is a bit blasphemous to say it, BOTH of these pens are going to give the Jetstream a run for their money!  They both are comfortable to hold, look pretty nice, and write smooooooth!  Possibly even smoother than the Jetstream, though my long love affair with them will not at this time allow me to say for sure!  

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