Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Survived first night of preceptorship.....


It was so amazing to feel like a REAL nurse.  I have to admit though, I had a hard time switching hats.  I had a hard time not running to my call lights every time they went off and letting the CNA's do their thing.  I am just so used to doing that job.  
However, I had a wonderful first night.  My preceptor is amazing.  Very patient with me, showing me everything we had time for, and letting me do as much as I could/was comfortable doing.  

Instead of taking 2 of her patients myself this first night, I just sort of took her whole assignment with her (4 patients).  I did assessments on all of them, and she did too to help me make sure I was getting it right.  I passed meds on everyone, did a dressing change, put in a new foley, straight cathed someone, even got to help do a new admission.... Had a good, busy night!  

I definitely still have a lot to learn, and in no way could I be left alone to my own devices, but I did learn a lot!  I hope I retain it all!  :-)  I'm sure it will take a few times of doing all the charting and stuff for me to really get the hang of it!  It's going to be weird going to my real work tonight and being "just a tech" again.  :-(  At least I have cool nurses at work who show me a lot and let me help them with a lot of stuff, because they all know I am graduating.  

I can't wait for graduation and passing the NCLEX!  I know I am going to rock it, just like I did my classes and clinicals!  I'm sure I wasn't the only one in my class of 70 to graduate with a 4.0, but I DID do it, and I am damn proud of it!  I worked very hard to get A's in all my nursing classes!  

Now, just 7 more shifts of precepting and a whole lot of NCLEX practice/review questions!  I am almost there!  I can do this!

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  1. So neat to find out that you're a nurse too! I graduated 12/10 and work in the ICU. I've been reading all kinds of forum posts and blog posts of yours searching for information for nail polish that won't peel off with all the alcohol foam. I really miss acrylic nails. My nails peel and side split all the time, even before all the washing and sanitizers. Thanks so much for sharing what you've learned. ((hugs)) from Washington!